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Tuesday was the official end of the bastardization of three of the most popular letters in professional wrestling.


The original version was absolutely nuts. So much so, in fact, that I wished I’d actually known about it before the bastardization began, when it played a bit role in the most botched angle in wrestling history (note: if you really don’t know, look up the Invasion). It eventually disappeared, then came back for one pay-per-view. It disappeared again, only to come back, stick around for nearly four years and become one of Syfy’s highest rated shows.

Tuesday night was the end of it. All of it. And what a way to go out, too — The Miz and Big Show make an appearance and retain their tag team belts over Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust, low- and mid-carders alike run in one-by-one on The Abraham Washington Show, and Ezekiel Jackson beats Christian in a bloodless TV-PG Extreme Rules match to become the 27th and final ECW champion.

Thanks to DVR, I only wasted about 40 minutes of my life, instead of the hour-plus it was live.

For the final episode of ECW, the WWE could’ve went wild — maybe added an hour, brought in some old ECW guys to spice things up, had more than two matches, or even broken out some of footage from the past. Instead, Vinnie Mac decided it was best to pimp his new supposedly groundbreaking show, WWE NXT, and the upcoming PPV, Elimination Chamber. (note again: Yes, Elimination Chamber. Apparently, No Way Out didn’t give enough of a hint that this would be the PPV with the elimination chamber matches).

If you want the Reader’s Digest version, just read this: Tuesday night’s ECW was a waste of an hour, just as Vince McMahon must’ve thought it was every week. It’s mercifully gone, without a sendoff even worthy of a main event. I’ll have to wait until Impact to be entertained this week.


ECW 10/27: The perfect champ?

Christian has been in ECW for far too long…or so I thought before finally getting a chance to watch Tuesday night’s show.

After watching his ECW championship match with Yoshi Tatsu, and remembering a recent match he had with ZackĀ  Ryder, it’s easy to understand why: Christian is the perfect ECW champion.

Does he deserve to be on one of the other shows? Of course. However, he’s ideal for this show. He’s got plenty of experience, but he’s still young enough (35, and with no extra weight or major injuries) to keep up with the new blood. He’s a big enough name (thanks to his prior work with Edge, two NWA titles and now two ECW titles) to bring instant credibility to a show that somehow gets ratings near the level of TNA Impact.

Most importantly, he’s savvy enough to make the young guys look good.

His latest gem was against Yoshi Tatsu, who was hyped non-stop in promos leading up to, and during, the show. A few minutes before the match, it would’ve seemed impossible for Yoshi to lose.

He did, but not before an entertaining match that undoubtedly will elevate both guys. Yoshi took a multiple-time world champion to the wire. Christian maintained his reputation as a fighting champion and continues the WWE’s longest current major (OK, so that’s used a little loosely) title reign.

Then, he got the living shit kicked out of him by the Round Table — Ezekiel Jackson, Vladimir Kozlov and William Regal. Wonder who’s getting the next title shot? (And, face it. Regal deserves it.)

New stuff

Though we didn’t see the trifecta, there were a couple new elements in ECW. The first was Tiffany’s new music, which was a long time coming. At first, ECW recycled the music of a certain former Diva from Idaho:

First off, if you don’t know, you really better ask somebody. Second, if you *do* know, Google her with SafeSearch off, scroll through a couple pages and thank me later. Anyway, moving right along…yeah, Tiffany has new music. Cool.

Another addition was Byron Saxton, who joined Josh Matthews on the announce team and held his own. Though I was a fan of Bryon’s work, one question came to mind: WHERE THE FUCK IS MATT STRIKER?! Well, the answer is here, courtesy of If you don’t know who I’m talking about, go to MyNetwork on Friday night, watch/listen, and enjoy.

NEXT BLOG: TNA Impact (surely featuring far too much news on the Huckster)

ECW 10/20: ‘I am the best in the world at what I do…’

“…but I still job to Christian on ECW.”

That’s how Chris Jericho should finish that sentence from now on after his ‘scouting trip’ to ECW on Tuesday night.

Since there wasn’t anything for the ECW champion to do but watch a No. 1 contender match between Yoshi Tatsu and Zack Ryder (won by the former), ECW GM Tiffany (who made her a GM anyway?) put Jericho in a match with Christian after Y2J correctly stated that, as one of the tag-team champions, he can be on any show he pleases.

Jericho claimed to be “scouting” for talent for his SmackDown! team in a 7-on-7 match against Team RAW at Sunday’s Bragging Rights PPV, which makes me wonder what the hell WWE is gonna do at Survivor Series next month. Tiffany didn’t like that, so she put him in a match that he lost after about 800 failed attempts at the Walls of Jericho, his glorified Boston Crab finishing move.

Sure, it makes sense to try to finish off an opponent, and the fans understand that. However, it is *entirely* necessary to go for the same move at least three or four times? Didn’t think so…(take note, WWE: don’t rely so much on signature moves when scripting a match.)

Christian also went for the Kill Switch unsuccessfully at least twice before finishing off Jericho. It’s something the WWE does to dilute what otherwise would be a fantastic 1-on-1 match between two veterans. Let the men call some matches, dammit!

Anyway, some other notes: I don’t know where ECW got its new ring announcer (Lauren Mayhew, I believe), but she’s actually getting better by the week. She was terrible and screechy two weeks ago, but appears to have worked hard to upgrade herself to “tolerable.” She’s still nowhere near the level of Justin Roberts, who could probably call out a Chinese takeout order and make it sound exciting. … The fans *love* them some Yoshi Tatsu…and I tend to agree. The guy’s talented and adds some exciting elements to each match. He’s got martial arts skill *and* charisma, which basically makes him a more talented, less stupid, Japanese version of X-Pac. … Zack Ryder has one of the best gimmicks I’ve ever seen, and the music to go with it. Once you hear “Ohhhh radio…” a couple times, it *will* get stuck in your head. And then you will thank me.

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